Wimbledon Final Screened live in 3D

SonyFor the first time ever, Wimbledon will be filmed and screened live in 3D direct to cinemas around the world. Meaning you can watch 3D tennis in your local cinema.

You’ll be able to experience every forehand, smash and volley will burst onto the screen in stunning 3D reality, as if you were really there. If Murray makes the final the whole country will be watching and what better way to do it than in 3D.

Fujio Nishida, President of SONY Europe, commented: “Watching tennis in High Defintion 3D is a stunning experience, bringing the speed of the action and emotions of the occasion to life; it is as close to the atmosphere and excitement of Centre Court as actually being there.”

This is an exciting time for tennis, and it is a sport inherent for 3D viewing; it will be great if Andy Murray gets to the final and cinemas across the country are filled with fans supporting their nation’s hero! The camera angles and fast-paced nature of tennis work perfectly with the added depth of field afforded by HD 3D, emphasising the perfection of this partnership.

In addition to this, and unusually for sports filming, each camera shot will be held for a lot longer, allowing the human eye time to take in a truly appreciate the added realism, and beauty, of an extra dimension. Check your local 3D cinema to reserve your place to watch the tennis at www.wimbledon.com/sony

Sony really Serve an Ace with this new way of enjoying tennis. Sony make.believe

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