Will Andy Murray Win Wimbledon 2008?

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Lets face it, for the next 4 weeks Andy Murray will be hyped up so much, that most people will believe he is the only person on the planet who could possibly win Wimbledon, that is, until he is knocked out and he is then given the worst criticism imaginable by the same people that hyped him up.

We here in Britain have seen and heard this nearly ever year for the last 12 years, all be it Ten Henman had had to suffer this ordeal for the majority of the years. Though will it be the same for Murray this year, will he actually be knocked out? Do we dare ask the question?

Can Andy Murray really win Wimbledon 2008?

This question is of course easy to answer – Yes Andy Murray can really win Wimbledon 2008. In fact any of the 128 participants can win Wimbledon, the question we all want to answer is,

Will Andy Murray win Wimbledon 2008?

It’s something that we will find out in the coming weeks. Murray has proved he can win tournaments, two so far this year. he has proved he can beat the best, he has beaten world number 1, Roger Federer twice, compared with only one win for Federer against Murray. He has now proved his fitness, he can win 5 set matches. He can handle pressure, he was won crucial Davis Cup matches, both home and away. 

For the first time ever, Murray has a realistic chance of winning a grand slam, he is fully fit, he is playing on his best surface, he will have home court advantage and he knows he can beat Federer. This is the first time we all really get to hype Murray up and the bookies agree!

In life Money talks and so we can turn to the Bookmakers, to really see what the experts and public really think. Looking at all the available odds across more than 15 online bookmakers, we see than Andy Murray currently stands as 4th favorite for All the England Championship. The average odds across the bookmakers has him at 16/1, though the smarter gamblers out there will know that you can get much better odds usually at Betfair, where you can currently get Murray at 26/1, which still makes him 4th favorite in Befair’s eyes.

Player Average Odds – All bookmakers Betfair Odds
Traditional Odds Decimal Odds Traditional Odds Decimal Odds
Roger Federer 9/10 1.9 6/5 2.2
Novak Djokovic 7/2 4.4 21/5 5.2
Rafael Nadal 4/1 5 22/5 5.4
Andrew Murray 16/1 17 26/1 27
Andy Roddick 17/1 18 27/1 28
Mario Ancic 35/1 36 54/1 55
David Nalbandian 37/1 38 99/1 100
Lleyton Hewitt 50/1 51 99/1 100
Richard Gasquet 68/1 69 149/1 150
Tomas Berdych 73/1 74 129/1 130
Marcos Baghdatis 83/1 84 229/1 230
Ivo Karlovic 86/1 87 169/1 170
James Blake 114/1 115 309/1 310

 It’s not surprising the three players ahead of Murray in list of favorites. Roger Federer no surprises is the odds on favorite with all the bookmakers, though perhaps surprisingly Rafael Nadal only manages third favorite behind Novak Djokovic despite making the final last year. I think these odds are very generous towards Djokovic, who has yet to prove his abilities on grass.

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