Out with the old and in with the new?

Today, in the second round of the US Open, Andy will face one of the ATPs veterans, Jonas Bjorkman, who reached the semifinals at Flushing Meadows in 1997 and is 15 years older than Andy.  They have never met in a match before.

Jonas Bjorkman

In his first round match against 20 year old Pablo Cuevas, Andy quickly trounced the Uruguayan in straight sets.  However Bjorkman will prove to be tougher than the young qualifier.  Bjorkman has been around for a long time in the professional circuit, and has a lot of experience.  He is likely to have a pretty good game plan, and Andy will have to play well to get to round 3.

However Bjorkman isn’t too bad an opponent for Andy to have; Andy’s forehand is still not back to its good old whopping self and it’s only his fourth match back after a long time out.  But Bjorkman isn’t one of those hard baseline hitters, which means that Andy wont need to worry about getting overpowered.

Andys grumpy demeanor seems to have gone, or at least it did in his match against Cuevas.  His sessions with Roberto Forzoni, his sports psychologist, appear to have helped him enjoy tennis more, and have brought out a positive and refreshed Andy Murray.

I’m sure Brad Gilbert has thought up a good strategy for this match against Bjorkman, but I think Andy’s back on form now anyway…