Murray’s Fail in Olympic Bid

beijing olympics 2008After all the effort to make it Beijing, Andy Murray will leave with just one double’s win a two humbling defeats.

Sadly, Andy and Jamie were knocked out of doubles competition at the Beijing Olympics a thumping 1-6 3-6 loss to experienced French pair, Arnaud Clement and Michael Llodra.

Arnaud Clement and Michael Llodra are one of the few pairs who have played many times before, and with great success, but recent form in the last 6 months has not been great and hopes were high for the British pair that they could make it through this tough match.

The match was played out on court 4 of the Olympic tennis centre and few people will have seen the Murray’s make their exit.

Andy Murray has received much unwarranted criticism for his first round from some idiots in the media and we will no doubt see this increase in the next few days. His form has been rubbish since being here in Beijing, but he was here and to question his commitment to the Olympics or that his motivations is just money is simply ludicrous.

Murray pulled out of the Indianapolis tennis event 3 weeks ago to be better prepared for the Olympics. Indianapolisis part of 8 tournaments called the US Open Series that are played in the lead up to the US open. Each week Points are gained in each of these events and the winner at the end of the US Open takes home a Bonus from a $1million prize pool. Further to pulling out of Indianapolis, he has sacrificed playing in the US Open series events last week, this week and next week.

Prior to leaving for the Olympics Andy Murray was joint top of the leaderboard along side Rafael Nadal and so to question money has his motivations is just simply incorrect and and s fools point of view.

Though he did play absolute mince this week – long way short of his 6th in the world ranking. This however does not make him a bad person or only in it for money – It just means that he played mince this week!