Murray says “It’s feeling good”

Andy Murray will be playing Pablo Cuevas in his first round match of the US Open.  Murray stated that he doesn’t know too much about Cuevas.  He has met him previously in the juniors, but hasn’t seen him since then.  Murray says:

“Yeah… It’s not a bad draw for me”

Greg Rusedski has beeen doing his research on Cuevas.  He said that Cuevas has a good one handed backhand, but most of his results have been on red clay so it shouldn’t be a bad match for Murray.

In an interview with Sky Sports Andy mentioned that he has been looking out for problems with his wrist and after this week of intensive training he hasn’t felt any problems with it at all.  He said he is ready to get back out there and give 100%.

“I feel much better now than I did 10 days ago. I’ve got confidence back in my shot.  I’ve played really well in practice, hitting the ball much harder.”

However it is reported that Andy hasn’t looked ahead to the next rounds, suggesting that he isn’t too confident about getting through.  If his wrist is properly healed lets hope Andy can just get on with it.

Federer, however doesn’t seem to be lacking in confidence.  Nor do Djokovic or Nadal.  Murray will need to step up the competition if he is to follow in the success of any of these 3 men.