Brian Moore – Get Over It!

This piece was originally written in June 2008 and is focused on an event from June 2006, it would appear though that for many people even 7 years on it’s still a big issue.

It seems that the comment made by Andy Murray two years ago regarding who he would support at the football world cup in 2006 still runs deep with many English fans and even sports writers.

The now infamous comment in which he inferred he would be supporting anyone but England at the World Cup still draws negative press coverage and is still a clear bone of contention with many English people.

Even though the comment was made in jest after Tim Henman and the reporter had been mocking Andy Murray for Scotland’s failure to qualify for the World Cup. The Daily Mail, that stand-up newspaper, took some selected comments and ran them as being anti-English and also adding in the complete fabrication that he wore a Paraguay shirt. Startling is the number of people who use this as a reason to “hate” Andy Murray.

If you want the real story on that listen to Tim Henman who was at the interview

A recent news article (June 2008, so not recent if your eding this in 2010) by Brian Moore (ex English and British Lion rugby player) at the Telegraph explains this is the reason why he won’t support Andy Murray and a recent comment on this very site calls Andy Murray rather strongly a racist for his comments against the English football team.

First off clearly Brian Moore doesnt really bother to research his stories and secondly Brian Moore seems to forget, when we play football, we play as separate nations. Same goes for Rugby, Cricket and any other sport England and Scotland compete separately at.

I’ve got big news for Brian Moore – Andy Murray is not the only Scot who would support anyone but England. England is Scotland’s biggest rival in Football! Why would a Scottish football fan, support their biggest rival. It doesn’t make them anti English, it simply makes them normal. And you will not find many Scots that do it in a nasty way, it’s generally jovial and good fun, some of the Ant-Murray comments are far from jovial!

When it comes to tennis, it’s an individual sport and players compete under their home country, in Andy Murray’s case that is Great Britain (England or Scotland are not countries). There will be some British tennis snobs that will simply never accept the likes of Andy Murray. Some English fans (the genuine racists) will dislike Murray purely because he is Scottish, these few are hopefully in the Minority, but they will be fueled by idiots like Brian Moore.