Andy Murray’s Hat-trick on Soccer AM

Andy Murray appeared on Soccer AM  on Sky One (& Sky Sports 1) this morning. This was the young tennis star’s thrid appearance on the show and was presented with a hat-trick trophy from Helen Chamberlain and Andy Goldstein the current presenters of the show.

Andy Murray doesn’t really fit into the stuffy world of tennis, the majority of the UK journalists don’t really get Murray, but on a show like Soccer Am, I think he is lot more comfortable and his dry humour understood a little more. He still looks like his dog has just died, but this is just Andy.

On the show the tennis ace revealed he and Tim Henman are still friends, despite Henman’s comments describing Murray as a ‘miserable git’. Henman also went onto to say that Murray would have to improve his temperament if he ever wants to win Wimbledon. But Murray told Andy and Helen that there was no problem between himself and Henman:

It’s funny because I spoke to him about a week ago,” explained Murray. “I speak to him every couple of weeks on the phone and then he text me saying ‘ sorry if I’ve caused you any extra aggravation by calling you a miserable git’!  I text him back and said ‘there’s no problem telling the truth’! So it wasn’t really a problem.

You can see what else Murray had to say with this five minute clip of the show here – Andy Murray Soccer AM

Murray also showed his footballing skills again, a few times he has played keepy up with tennis balls on court and today he scored in the “Hollywood shootout”.