Andy Murray Proves Wimbledon 2008 Fitness

Andy Murray proved his Wimbledon fitness today as he was given a severe workout in his win over Janko Tipsarevic at Boodles exhibition match at Stoke Park in Buckinghamshire.

Murray won the Boodles Challenge match 6-3 5-7 12-10 (Super tie break), his first competitive match since pulling out of his quarter final match with Andy Roddick at the Artois Championships at Queens Club. 

His injured thumb, the reason for with-drawl last week was still giving him some pain, after the match he said,

There were a few times when I mishit the ball that I felt the thumb, but I was able to play for around an hour and a half and it felt OK.

During the match Andy Murray survived match points against Janko Tipsarevic, who is ranked 40th in the world and almost upset Djokivic at Queens last week. 

Murray was also briefly in a fresh injury scare when Scot gave the crowd a scare when he slipped again and lay motionless for a moment, but fears were soon alleviated when he was soon back on his feet and smiling, saying “I’m OK”. After the match Murray added,

I have struggled a bit with the movement on the grass a bit this year, I don’t know if it the shoes.  want to make sure I do not get hurt, but it is tough when you are on the court and keep falling over, it makes it difficult to feel comfortable to chase down every ball, which is something which I normally want to do in my matches. I will try and sort it before I start Wimbledon.

Andy Murray’s attention will now switch the tournament that will be on everyone lips for the next 3 weeks. Murray will enter Wimbledon with all usual hype of the British press and despite some newspaper columnistsnow changing their mind at saying Murray will never be good enough to win Wimbledon, the fast majority will be building him up like he is the only one who will win. There is just no in between with the British press. After his Boodles Match Murray said on Wimbledon.

I will spend most of my time down at Wimbledon now, practising with some of the other guys in the tournament. It is about trying to get used to the courts down there, making sure my body is well rested and in good shape for the start of the tournament. The support you get there is unbelievable playing on Centre Court in front of 14,000 people.