Andy Murray Lets Down Team GB

He’s gone and done it again – Andy Murray has given more people more reason to criticise and complain. On Wednesday he pulled out of the team citing a recurring knee problems.

The problem with his pull out is not that he is trying preserve his fitness in order to push further up the rankings, but rather the contrived way he has went about it. He had his agent call David Lloyd to tell him he was pulling out, rather than talk personally with the GB coach.

Clearly Murray is not injured enough to actually not compete, it’s a very simple case of choosing self over country. Players do it all the time, the great Roger Federer does not play every game for his country, but he doesn’t hide behind fantasy injuries.

The course Andy should have taken is simple, Phoned David Lloyd and told them that he doesn’t want to play for fear of injuring himself further because he wants to stay fit for the rest of the year. Then publicly announce – It’s that simple and his motives would be seen to be genuine.

There would still be people who still wouldn’t be happy with this – but the only thing open to discussion would be simply whether or not you agree with putting self before country and with that he would find a lot of support in the tennis and sporting world.

I personally feel that he should have went, if he was too injured to play, i’m sure supporting the team from the bench would have kept all his team mates happy and behind him.