3 months and no return

Last week Andy Murray announced that he was ready for a comeback at the Legg Mason tournament in Washington DC.  That tournament is on this week, and Murray pulled out a few days before it began as he decided that his wrist had not yet fully recovered.

This week he has announced that he is all set to return to competition in next weeks Montreal Masters tournament.

It has been 3 months since Andy injured his wrist during the Hamburg Masters.  He seemed to want to compete in Wimbledon, but had to pull out due to his wrist injury which had not fully recovered, despite intensive treatment.  His doctors gave him the all clear for the Legg Mason tournament, but again he pulled out, this time because he felt that he wanted to ease back into competition.

He may now have recovered physically, and apparently he has never been in better shape fitness-wise after having so much time to train.  The question is has Andy really recovered from this injury?  Could this be a mental hurdle that he is having a hard time getting over?

He is, after all, only 20 years old.  Although he has played competitively for more than half his life, he has never had media attention like he does now, especially since last years performance at Wimbledon.  With so much spotlight on him as Britains no 1 player, it can’t be easy for the boy to deal with the injuries he seems to accumulate and the disappointment that accompany these.

For such a young boy at the birth of his career as a top tennis player, perhaps fear has more to do with his time off than injury.  Possibly fear of more injuries, more time out of competition, more negative media attention…

Easing back into competition may just be a good way to avoid actually getting back into competition.