2009 Davis Cup – GB Relegated to 2nd Division

Great Britain suffered the humiliation of being relegated to Group Two of Euro-Africa zone after the failed to defeat Poland in Liverpool.

The result is yet more fuel for the LTA haters – whilst I agree that LTA are truly awful, on this occasion so much of the blame must go on John Lloyd – he could even pick a winning team if he was running the Spanish team and they were playing on Clay.

First off – He should have never have let Andy Murray play doubles – he let Murray decide if he was fit enough to play and like all sportsmen they are too proud to say no. Secondly when will they pick a doubles team to play rather than a one doubles specialist – Fleming and Skupski have been a revelation this year and with the event in Skupski’s home town it would have made for an excellent debut.

The other singles player – far too early to throw 19 year old Dan Evans in, I know he was not first choice, but he was still way out of his depth – I would have even more happy with Bogdanavic playing second singles player. And why o why do they schedule our number 2 as the second player, after losing the doubles, we had no hope winning that 5th match, too much pressure for a 19 year old Davis┬ácup debutant – especially when they are pampered British players who don’t quite have that “fire in their bellies” to dig deep to pull out a win.

James Ward, British no.2 would have played if he had been fit – but even still it may just be a little early for him – history tells us that young British players don’t do well in Davis cup when they are flung in and win is needed.

Britain next year will have to first win their 2nd division match – if they do that they will then have the chance in a playoff to win in entry into division 1 in 2011. If that goes successfully they will need to repeat this feat to gain entry into the world group in 2012. At the moment winning a 2nd division match looks tough!