13 things you might not know about Andy

His pet hates are: slow eating, burping and smoking 

His favourite subject at school was maths

Andy has a purply, stunted nail on the ring finger of his left hand which never really grows in properly – it just snaps off.  This is from the day when Andy first beat his older brother Jamie in a significant tennis match – the under 12’s final at Solihull.  When they were on the minibus on the way home Andy was teasing Jamie about having beaten him.  He was sitting behind Jamie and had his hand over the seat when Jamie turned round and smashed Andys hand with his fist.  By the time they got home it had swelled up and he had to be taken to the doctors to get an injection as it had become infected.

Murraymound was the Macmillian English Dictionary Word of the Week from the 30th June 2006 (following his success at Wimbledon that year).

In November of 2006 Andy allowed his fans to choose his next hairstyle out of four do’s.  These were:

  • short at the back, messy on top
  • a grade four buzz-cut all over
  • trimmed and thinned but kept longish
  • cut it himself (again)

His nickname is Muzcat.  But when he atended the Sanchez-Casal Academy in Barcelona he was nicknamed ‘Lazy English’.

Andy has had a big effect on British tennis already; there are now five British kids among the worlds top 50 junior players.

He is sponsored by the watch company Tag Heuer, the Royal Bank of Scotland, Fred Perry clothes and Head Prestige rackets.

Andy swore at the match official in the team Davis Cup competition after a four-set loss to Serbia and Montenegro in the Davis Cup competition in Glasgow in April 2006.  This got him a £1,400 fine against the British team which was the first time it had been fined for player misconduct in the 106 years that the UK has entered the Davis Cup competition.

He supports Hibernian Football Club.

In 2006, Andy was accused of being ‘anti-English’ when he was reported to have said that he would support ‘anyone who played against England’ in the World Cup.  However this reponse was really just a joke after an English reporter had asked him if he would be supporting Scotland in the World Cup while knowing full well that Scotland had not qualified for the tournament.

Andy now has a firm friendship with Tim Henman, who apparently has been a massive influence on him and is the first person he turns to for advice.

See a fun quick fire Q&A session with Andy Murray at YouTube